I was introduced to yoga as a little girl by my dear mother. The seed was planted. I continued to do yoga on and off while working as an artist and photographer. My soul was searching and as it searched my practice connected and grounded in a beautiful and heartfelt space. It was natural and it felt right. 

I teach yoga to share what I receive from yoga, a sense of feeling centered, calm, relaxed, strong and stretched. I did my first training under the guidence of Baba Hari Das at The Mount Madonna Center in 2000. Fired by a passion to learn, I have continued both to teach and learn taking workshops with Richard Freeman, Donna Farhi and David Swensen, among others.

Wanting to complement my yoga with a holistic practice, I have studied Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, NLP, Vipassana Meditation, and Reike level one. I continue to study to keep my knowledge and energy fresh. You can't be a good teacher unless you are a life- long student.

I approach my work holistically and believe the body, mind and breathing can connect to a place of peace where you will feel strength, freedom and grace.

I teach with a soft vigour and a healthy measure of laughter. 

We will have fun. Your asanas will be guided and corrected until they feel right to you .

I moved to Spain from Canada, where for many years I taught yoga and provided massage to a diverse clientele. I worked extensively in the film industry with musicians, athletes, and also some of the world's finest circus acrobats.

The yoga I teach is supposed to make you feel good, relaxed, strong and stretched. You will most probably not end up as a yogini standing on one toe on some picturesque stone in the Ganges. But it should give you a new enjoyment of your body. And a soft sense of belonging in this miracle of life. 

Any age is fine to start and practise yoga, and you will always benefit from that.

Yoga is such an experienced, intelligent and wise system to keep you connected to your body and to move through life with ease and lightness. If I can convey this to my pupils, I will beam with joy. Namaste.