From the beginning, when I was just establishing and learning my foundational practice in Ashtanga Yoga, Nina Gouveia was my teacher and mentor, and impacted me so profoundly that I have never lost the lessons and continue to learn from her through her instruction, her inspiration, and through her and her life as a living, breathing example of how I want to live, how life makes me feel..through yoga, through ahimsa, through my diet and through metta practice.

Nina remains my mentor and greatest influence. I am very blessed to have known and loved Nina as a dear friend for over twenty years, but more than that..I am indebted to Nina for being one of the greatest examples, and as my Teacher who has always encouraged and empowered me completely.

Sri Nina. Om Hare Om.

Bif Naked, singer,songwriter,artist




If it is true, as Thomas Wolfe wrote, that we are all the sum of our moments, then the essence of Nina Gouveia is a large thing indeed. Small in stature and deep in wisdom, she lives for now. Her entheusiam for life, for embracing the potential of every moment, is infectious, as any of her yoga students will tell.  She is gentle. She is feisty. She is an artist who soars. Nina lives on a finca in the campo on the Andalucia mountains with a dog, four cats and a lamb. This beautiful place is grateful for her presence, and echoes with her constant laughter. She makes everything and everyone better.
Viva la nina, the little love-bomb!

Jack Neary


In march of 2007 I approached Nina asking her to get me ready for my August wedding.I needed to loose 12kg. We had an initial meeting and Nina did a consultation asking me about my goals and my life. She designed a program that would suit me personally.

We did three hours of yoga a week and five hours of hiking. I was put on a strict but very manageable program that involved making the right choices to reach my goals. During this time Nina asked me to keep a journal of my food intake and excerise schedule and also how I was feeling personally each day, this proved to keep me intouch with a journey to a new self.

I lost 12 kg and was able to fit into my dream dress. Nina helped me look and feel wonderful. Three of my girlfriends at the wedding were so impressed with Nina's results that they hired her to work personally with them for a month at a time in the U.K on and off for over a period of 8 months.

Nina was firm with a humorous demeanour and I really looked forward to our time together.She managed to address all the practical elements of health and wellness and still keep the program very spiritual. I would highly recommend Nina as a coach, who has now become a dear friend.

Isabel Donnelly


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